The Return Of Josh…

Hey Everyone,

Believe it or not, After nearly two months I am back to relaunch this site as my base of internet operations. I hope your all well and ready for some posts to start hitting your screens as of tonight because I have a lot of plans for this website.

First off for those who have already asked me… Yes I will be posting all the things I previously had on my website, Poetry, Short Stories and Anecdotes among them so no need to worry about that. I would like to thank everyone who has shown such tremendous support for my works over the last few months. For those who voted for me on the poetry contest I entered, Extra thanks go to you for voting for me. I came second with 1825 votes and first place had 1911 votes so we wasn’t far off.

Another question anyone new here might be asking is ‘What can we expect from this website’… Well you can expect Regular Updates, Pictures, The Odd Video, Recordings, Reviews, Discussions and pretty much everything else you can get onto a WordPress site.

I fully invite all of you to take a look around this ever growing site, You may just find something you like… Who Knows 😉

As ever your comments and emails are what helps me to understand what you all want to see and find out what you think of my poems and other works so please feel free to comment on posts. Should you want a more indepth discussion about a particular post or if you have any queries you can email me at I promise to reply to each and every Comment/Email as quickly as I physically can so please bare with me. Any Trolling/Griefing will be Deleted, Blocked and Reported.

That’s All For Now Guys… Will Write Soon 🙂

Josh x